I believe that communication is a core skill for all scientists, and that where possible, scientists have a duty to disseminate their research to multiple audiences in order to educate, inform decision making, and inspire change – especially within fields as pressing and as pervasive as climate warming and global ecosystem change. As such, I dedicate time to pursuing different forms and media of outreach. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to collaborate!

Yes I am still doing standup and yes I d


It happened! I passed :) Next stop, PhD!





In my free time, I write and perform stand-up comedy. In recent years I have enjoyed participating in Science Slam events, winning 2 slams in Vancouver and most recently the BES 2019 conference slam. I have also recently participated in Bright Club Edinburgh, a comedy event geared toward combining academic research and stand-up comedy. In my spare time I have been developing my podcasting skills, and am keen to initiate my own podcast series about polar fieldwork.


In addition to presenting my research at conferences & seminars, I am passionate about disseminating polar research to the wider public. Recent examples  include chatting about tundra processes to a diverse community group with InterSci Grassmarket, facilitating workshops with an interdisciplinary group of undergraduates with the UBC Climate Hub, and my upcoming talk with Pint of Science about conservation in the Arctic. 


Social media can be a powerful tool for science communication and outreach. As a member of APECs, I have contributed to the 2019 October Polar Week and the 2020 March Polar Week campaigns, preparing tweets, instagram posts and online photography and art challenges. While at UBC, I wrote for the student magazine (The Ubyssey) and was the subject of an interview about my field research.  


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